December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas...Eve :)

I can't understand where in the world the time has gone!!!!  I was just posting about beginning radiation and now I'm done (YEAH!!!) and it's Christmas Eve.

Radiation went well.  No problems.  Now just a number of follow-up appointments down the road.  I'm looking forward to getting back to "regular" days......staying home...uninterrupted....being productive and taking care of business :)

I'm looking forward to a new year and some new adventures...LOTS of time with my family and LOTS of crafting.  I didn't have time (or energy) to make my Christmas cards this year.  It was very sad for me!!!  So, to make up for it, I wrapped my gifts extra special this year.  I'll take some pics of some of them for you to see.

I want to wish ALL of you a VERY Merry Christmas.....and a Happy New Year.  May you be blessed with an abundance of happiness, good health and peace.  I am grateful for each one of you...for your support, your prayers, the cards, the food (oh my all the food!), the are all a HUGE blessing to me and I am making it my mission in the coming year to pay it forward.  THANK YOU for everything....every single little thing!

Blessings to all of you..................HUGS!

December 16, 2013

Radiation...Week 2

So, week one of radiation went well.  The worst part of it is having to leave the house and drive to the hospital each day :)  What can I say.....I realize now how spoiled I am to be able to work from home and not be required to go anywhere every single day :)  LOL!!!!

Things started out fine....I went Monday and I was in and out rather quickly.  Then Tuesday rolled around.  Early that morning the home phone rang.  It was the hospital.....they needed to cancel the day's appointment....the machine was on the blink and being tended to.  All morning appointments were being cancelled.  WHAT???  Oh the joy of living in a smaller town :)  No back-up plan?  No machine on reserve in case this happens?  Really?  We just skip a day's treatment?  LOL!!!  Why, YES!  Of course :)  HA!

Fingers crossed, no break-downs this week :)  I go every day this week at 11:45 and I'll have to go next Monday now as well to make up for missing one day last week.  No complaints.....I was originally told 15 rounds and now I'm down to 10 so all is good!!!!

Got our tree up and the decorations out.  I am totally not into the holidays any more.  Sad really.  I am into what the season is all about....just not into all of the stuff it requires.  I think things are too far off the mark....we've lost the reason for the celebrations and made too much about the celebrations themselves.  Some years back we sponsored a child at a mission in Grundy, VA and another year we took an angel off the tree at the mall for the Salvation Army.  Katy asked why we didn't do it this year and I told her we just couldn't afford it.  My doctor bills are just too high and we can't do everything that we wish we could.  I suggested that next year we forego buying gifts for our family and instead get angels again.  She was all for it :)  It touched my heart.  Emily was into it as well so long as she got gifts from other people :)  LOL!!  My kids are AWESOME!!!!  I am so blessed in so many ways!!!!

I got an amazing gift in the mail recently.  It's a scrapbook album that my cousins, aunts and uncles put together for me.  Each page is decorated with a pic of them and includes a personal note to me......I could barely get through it I cried so hard!  It was the most touching, personal, amazing gift anyone could ever have given me.  I LOVE YOU ALL and so appreciate you thinking of me and taking the time to write the notes and decorate the pages.  I will forever treasure the book :)  THANK YOU!!!!!

That's about it.  Lots of shopping and wrapping still to do.  Wish me luck :)  Cards are ready but need stamps and still need to be sealed.  There is just NEVER enough time and all seems to get done in the end :)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of you.  This year is special for me and I am extremely grateful for all of you and all of the blessing bestowed upon me....I have a lot to be thankful for and I am looking forward to a new year and a new perspective.  Lots of changes to be made in my life in the new year and I am looking forward to each and every one of them :)

PEACE.................and hugs :)

December 7, 2013

An Apology...Some catching up....and a couple prayer requests :)

So, to all of you that are so sweet to regularly check my blog you have my sincere apologies!!!  I have been feeling better and as a result....I have been VERY busy.  I had family in town for Thanksgiving and it was a BLAST...but kept me busy :)  Then this week our school had it's annual basket auction.  I (along with some very dear friends) work VERY hard to put this fundraiser on for the teachers of my girl's school.  It was today and I am happy to report that the teachers made over $10,000 again this year!!!  And that was with 20 fewer baskets than last year!!!  WOW!!!!  Way to go parents, friends and family of our school.  We are all blessed with your generosity!!!!!!

Now for some catching up.............NOT having chemo has been amazing!!!  I am so VERY happy to feel well and more than be back to feeling like myself!  Your prayers are beyond appreciated!!!!!  Your cards and calls, your txt's and the hugs when I see you make me feel like a million bucks!  THANK YOU!!!!!!  I am beyond blessed to know each of you and even more so to call you "friend".  I start radiation Monday.  I will go 5 days a week for 2 weeks.  Each appointment is at 11:30.  The oncologist initially told me 15 treatments but after further review, he thinks he can get more radiation in over a shorter period of time.  He did warn me; however, that he might call for more but he's pretty confident he can do what needs to be done in 10 treatments.  I'm not scared or everything else, I've given all to the Lord and will just tackle each day with a smile on my face and some pep in my step :)  I CAN DO THIS...because I know I am not alone :)

I'm sitting here watching the replay of some highlights of the Iron Bowl.  I got chills...LOL!  Congrats to Auburn.  You were ready for that missed field goal and I give you credit for playing smart all the way to the end.  I was cheering with all I had for Alabama......just for Ronnie........but Auburn beat us fair and square.  Good Job!  Anyway, you know I love football!!!!!

O.K., back to blog business.  My prayer requests......My Uncle Dick (stay with me...Doug's mom Kitty, her sister Jan - is married to Dick :)  He has not been feeling well for months.....many months.  The Doctors have FINALLY found out what is the matter.  His kidneys are NOT working and he had to start dialysis.  They are in such bad shape too....and on top of that...they found cancer.  SO....he is getting is port and will start chemo as well.  PLEASE, PLEASE pray for him....and his wife Jan and family.

Request Number 2:  There is a young girl that my Katy knows...she goes to another school but they share mutual friends and are themselves friends.  Her parents were killed in a car accident this past Tuesday (It might have even been Monday).  It's a very sad story...they think the father stabbed the mother, loaded her into his car and he drove off....maybe then shooting himself - which is potentially what caused the accident.  On top of that, the car caught on fire.  It's so very sad.....this young lady needs all of our prayers.  Please think of her and pray for her often.

So I guess you're all caught up now.  I plan to take it easy for a while.  I'll keep you posted on the radiation process and my progress.

Again, my apologies for not posting for a while.  But know that I am well.

November 19, 2013

These last 2 weeks have seemed like an eternity....

Went back to oncologist today.....I saw the lady I met last week during chemo.  She looked great.  Her grand-daughter was with her and told me that she did very well.  I was so very glad to hear it.  God continues to answer our prayers :)

So, I had my lab work and went into the room to wait on Dr. Krishnan.  The wait wasn't bad today...THANK GOODNESS!!!!  So, he comes in and sits down and we get right to business....
Insert "Happy Dance" here :)  I am beyond excited.  He said we would start radiation in a couple weeks.  As far as I know right now...I can plan on 15 rounds.  He wants me to keep my port and plan on coming into the office in about 6 weeks to have it flushed and each 6 weeks thereafter as well.  I despise this port and cannot wait to get rid of it!  But I can survive with it a little while longer (about 3 months he said) since there is no chemo :)  Oh my.....I can't even begin to explain or put into words the feeling of elation I have.  I'm sure you can imagine.

Please know how infinitely grateful I am to each and every single one of you for everything you've done for me during this time....for the meals, the gifts, the words of inspiration, the words of encouragement, the cards, the texts, and most of all...your prayers.  I am a walking testimony to the power of prayer!!!  THANK YOU all, again, so very very much!

This is the BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!


November 11, 2013

HAPPY Veteran's Day!!!!!

to ALL of you that have served our country.
You are all a gift and an inspiration to all of us.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I survived another Sunday...barely :)  But I did :)  YEAH ME!!!!!  Now just waiting to leave for my PET scan.  I'm anxious!!!!  I'm prayerful for good results and yet prepared if otherwise.  I CAN DO THIS!!!!!

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything
according to his will, he hears us.  And if we know that he hears us - 
whatever we ask - we know that we have what we asked of him.
1 John 5: 14-15

Thanks to all of you for your prayers today and every day before :)  Their strength and power keep me moving and keep me faithful and optimistic.  Remember that hymn....."There is power, power, wonder working power, in the blood of the the precious blood of the lamb."  What a beautiful song :)


November 9, 2013


WOW!!!  I have the MOST amazing friends...EVER!!!!!  
*Yvette...thank you for dinner!  It was just delicious......I only wish I had been here when you came.  THANK YOU!!!!  It was all fabulous!
*Pam and Jennifer....that you too for dinner.  YUM!!!  Katy really missed out this time around!!!!  But hey - that's just more for me and Doug :)  LOL!!
*RIDGEVIEW Faculty and Staff.....I don't even know where to begin!  The basket and all the goodies....the kind words and the notes of inspiration.  You are ALL amazing and I so appreciate each and every single one of you.  Thank you for thinking of me!

I could NEVER....not for one moment.....EVER....imagine getting through "cancer" without the love and support of all of you.  Your help, your time, your love, your kind words, your inspiration and your PRAYERS!!!!  I am indebted to each of you forever!!!!!  But rest assured, I hope to live out my days paying it forward....every single bit of it!!!!

I saw this on Pinterest today and it is so very true..............

So, I'm starting to feel's that time of the chemo cycle.  Tomorrow should be the worst of it and then Monday I start feeling a smidgen better...and each day thereafter as well.  THEN there's FRIDAY...when I start feeling like myself again :)  Looking forward to each new day.  Prayer, Faith, Love, Trust and Determination make facing each new day with gusto possible :)  I'm actually caught up with work and the fundraiser at school is almost wrapped up.  Life is Good and I am blessed!!!!!

Enjoy your Sunday.....I'll be in bed taking it easy and looking forward to Monday :)


November 5, 2013


Had me another treatment today.  So once I got to the treatment room, my lab results came in and my nurse......the FAMOUS Miss LOUISE....told me I wouldn't be getting treatment today.  My white blood counts had bottomed out.  WHAT???????  But it might be my last......say it isn't so!!!!!!!!!!!!  She told me to hold on and she went and talked to a doctor....not my doctor though - he's in India.  Anyway - she came back and told me to nevermind...I was getting treatment :)   YEAH!!!!!!  So then some other things have to happen.  She had to access my port first.  She couldn't.  The needle wouldn't go in!  Can you imagine???  I keep taking a deep breath and she keeps trying to "stick" me and it wouldn't go in!!!!  GOOD GRIEF!!!!  Lucky for me, needles and sticks don't bother me ...too much...but you have to understand that this is a rather large needle and it NOT going in is a bit painful :)  (Keep in mind that all the while Doug is sitting there watching....wish I could be in his head to hear what he was thinking ...HA! :)  Especially right where the port is in my chest...not too much fatty tissue there ya know....quite frankly, the only non-fatty area on my body come to think of it :)  LOL!  She finally was able to get my port accessed and then it's time to draw blood.  Couldn't get any...They couldn't last time either.  They are able to 'inject' fluid but they are unable to "withdraw" blood.  They think that tissue grows over the end of the catheter allowing fluids to pass but not allowing to draw back.  So...she had to give me an injection and then we wait.  After 30 minutes she tried to access/draw it again and it worked :)  YEAH - again!!!!!!!  So, I get my pre-meds and shortly thereafter, chemo gets going and I'm out of there in a few hours.......I got there at 8:30 and left at 2:00.  Fun times!

There was a lady next to me today that was there for her first treatment.  She was older...but not old!!!  She sounded scared...her son was there with her.  We got to talking later in the day....once her son was gone and Doug had left.  I tried to assure her she was going to be o.k.  That chemo wasn't impossible and with faith she would make it through.  She said she didn't have too much faith in herself but I told her I did and that I would pray for her.  Please pray for her too.  She was so very sweet...I pray for her inner strength, her faith and her determination...all with God's make it through this.  She is in treatment every other Tuesday...just like me.  I didn't ask any personal questions so I don't know what kind of cancer she has.  Depending on how my Monday goes on the 19th, I might go back up to see her.  Maybe I'll crochet her something.

So....prayers please :)  Pet scan is Monday.  I'll try my best to keep you posted on how I'm feeling.  You know...everyone told me to keep a journal, that things would be repetitive each week about how I feel and what symptoms set in when......well, I have to tell you that mine has been different every time :)  Not major differences, but different none the less.  And that's o.k.  Since I'm home all the time, I am able to be ready for the unexpected.  Thank your Lord and thank you to my employer :)  You both rock!!!!

Dinner is from my mother-in-law tonight, my dear girlfriend Yvette Thursday, another dear friend and her sister - Pam and Jennifer Saturday.  I AM BLESSED......beyond measure.  I hope and pray and work each day to be so deserving of ALL of my blessings.  I fail time and time again, but I never stop trying.  In church on Sunday, Curtis told us all how it doesn't matter how you start the race, it matters that you do and how you finish!!!!  SO KEEP WORKING and KEEP TRYING!!!!

Take the first step in faith.  You don't have to see the whole staircase.
just take the first step.   ~Martin Luther King.

Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your
arm...As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands.  One for 
helping yourself, the other for helping others.  ~Audrey Hepburn

For anything worth having one must pay the price; and the price is always
work, patience, love, self-sacrifice.  ~John Burroughs

Happiness is not in our circumstance but in ourselves.  It is not 
something we see, like a rainbow, or feel, like the heat of a fire.
Happiness is something we are.  ~John B. Sheerin

I'm happy and I hope you are happy as well.  This life we are given is too short to be anything else.  To all of you that are sending cards....THANK YOU!!!!  I'm getting them and they lift me up with smiles and the feeling of love they convey.  They - and you - mean the world to me.

Judy - thanks for the call :)  I love and miss you all.  You all hold a VERY special place in my heart and I am grateful to know you!!!!  XXOO



One day at a time..............

November 4, 2013

A Million Thank - You's.....

Here are my flowers from Mary Ann and Al...........too too cute :)

And the next day I got these from my most dear Arthur Adam:

Art and I met in late 1999 when we both worked for the National Bank of Canada.  We are both still working together but now at PNC Bank.  He lives in Buffalo and is an AMAZING person!  He makes me smile and laugh...oh does he make me laugh :)  Thank you Art.....I appreciate you!!!

More chemo tomorrow.  I usually go to bed when I get home.  Sitting around for 5 hours trying to stay busy while tethered to an I.V. makes me VERY sleepy!!!!  The benadryl they give me doesn't help either!  LOL!

That's all I've got for now.  Super tired and plan to get some sleep :)  I came across a couple of awesome sayings today on is one real quick:

....something very beautiful happens to people when their world
has fallen apart; a humility, a nobility, a higher intelligence emerges
at just the point when our knees hit the floor.
~~Marianne Williamson~~

and here's just a funny:

Sorry guys :)  But you know it's true :)

November 1, 2013

Laughter is truly the BEST medicine!!

So, as usual, I have felt really crappy and just yesterday....for sure today...actually feel like myself.  I made it to church last Sunday but was very weak and couldn't even stand to sing.  I just wanted to lay down!  But it felt good to be there and I'm glad I made it.  Each day is a tad better than the day before but each day is tough.  I'm remaining patient and resolute...taking it easy and getting plenty of rest :)  Aunt Jan, you would be proud!

So, every Halloween, we invite some friends over that don't have a "neighborhood" to trick-or-treat in.  It's become a tradition of sorts around here and always tons of fun!  Well, last night was no different.  It's always a very low-key event....which is good :)....but always full of laughter, food and fun!  These kids are all so wonderful.....the group of them....I love them all dearly and am proud of the young people they are.  Having them here last night was the BEST medicine I could have right now.  Seeing them have fun warms my heart and I can't tell you what an amazing, wonderful feeling that is.....especially during this time!  A special thank you to all of you that came.  All of your families are a blessing and I love you all so very much!  XXOO

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old
he will not turn from it.  ~ Proverbs 22:6

I owe more thank you's to the the Fitzgerald's.....the beef stew was out of this world....and the cornbread was the BEST ever!!!  Ever I tell ya!!!  Cindy and Jackson......the chili......YUM!!!!!  Amazing stuff!!!  And the popsicles........perfect!  Jerry and fed us for days :)  It was all wonderful....the bread, the pie.....OH MY the pie :)  I think I am the only cancer patient at the RCC that gains weight each week :)  I'm NOT complaining!  That's a good thing!!!!!

And to my favorite Aunt Mary Ann......the flowers are adorable and the cake pops....or whatever "magic on a stick" those things are.....THANK YOU!!!!!  WOW!!!!!  Good stuff :)  

So here is a run down of what's around the corner.  Another chemo treatment Tuesday 11/5.
On 11/12 I go for another pet scan......I'll be "radioactive" again for a couple days :)
On 11/19 I am back to the Doctor for a decision on how to proceed.  If the scan shows absolutely NO sign of disease, I believe he will be sending me on for radiation and I will be done with Chemo :)  However, if there is any doubt or concern after the scan....4 more treatments as originally planned.  Please continue to pray for me.  I feel their power each and every day of this gift of life I have and know I can handle whatever the prognosis :)  

Update on my friend diagnosed with breast cancer.......her surgery was a success and she is cancer free!!!!  God is good...ALL the time and I am so thankful that she is in the clear and on the road to recovery.  She still has a long road ahead but at least her road is free of the "C" word :)  Thank you for your prayers for her.  I know she too is grateful!

A new prayer sweet friend Susan informed me today that a friend of hers lost her grandson last night.  He was only 3 years old and died in a tragic accident while trick-or-treating.  Please pray for the family.....that they will be comforted and find peace during this terrible time.

Here's a little something to make you smile......

October 23, 2013

Lots of updates...sorry for the delay!!!

I was back to the Doctor yesterday.  The lump in my neck is much smaller and there is no pain.  Doctor thinks it is a side effect of the chemo...but the location of the node is puzzling because he would expect it to be closer to my throat and higher...maybe even in conjunction with a sore throat.  Anyway - disaster averted for now :)

My white blood cell counts are still bottomed out.  This is normal and an effect of the chemo but, he is puzzled why someone my age and in such good health would not be coming back quicker.  Last time he chose to delay treatment  until the following Tuesday....this time he decided to send me on  for treatment.  YEAH!!!  I don't want any delays!!!  He explained that there is an injection that can be given to bring your counts typically has an adverse reaction to the lungs.  He has never given this med and isn't starting with me.  Another YEAH!!!  I am to monitor my temperature every 1/2 hour and if I get a reading of 100.2 twice in one hour or one reading of 100.5 I am to call the office immediately and they will prescribe antibiotics.  He said to expect a little more fatigue with this round...this I CANNOT imagine after the week I had last time!!!!!  Prayers PLEASE!!!!!

So I head on back for treatment and I have a new nurse this time.  Her name was Jennifer and she was wonderful.  They are all so awesome over there!  I look forward to committing some volunteer time once I am in the clear!  So she gets busy accessing my port and wouldn't you wasn't working!  She had me doing exercises and laying this way and that way...nothing.  Then she gave an injection (medicine) into it and I had to wait about an hour or so and she tried again.  It still wasn't working and I was getting restless so I hit my port and said something (I can't remember what :) and she got blood!   YEAH #3 :)  I finally started getting chemo around noon and was done about 3:00.

Because my counts are so low I have to lay low and stay home - well, avoid places with lots of people anyway - for a while.  Keep my hands clean and rest.  I feel good today and am taking it easy.  Getting lots of work done; however, this mean sitting at my desk all day so it's all good :)  My mother in law the wonderful Ms Kitty is providing dinner yet again and my dear girlfriend Sydney is covering tomorrow night :)  How blessed I am to be surrounded by such loving family and friends!  

A quick update on last week.  Saturday was spent in bed sleeping mostly.  Sunday too was spent in bed just miserable.  I couldn't move and had no desire to either.  Monday was better but I was exhausted from 2 days of doing nothing.  Don't you hate it when that happens.  You've done nothing but rest for 2 days and you still feel like crap!  So, each day got a little better but I wasn't "normal" until Friday!!!  It was awful!  I hope to not have another week like that and would ask that you pray for me - for patience and endurance :)  I can make it through with prayer, faith and patience!!!

A special thank you to Holly Jamerson for the sweet gift!!!  I absolutely LOVE it and can't wait to use it all!!!!  Thank you so very much for thinking of me and keeping in touch!  Thank you too to Christi Gibson for calling me last night :)  I appreciate you more than you'll ever know!!  XXOO

"Your wealth is where your friends are."
` Author Unknown ~ 

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and sings it back to you
when you have forgotten how it goes."
~ Author Unknown ~ 

Based on these quotes, you must know how wealthy I am and I am beyond grateful!!!!  XXOO

October 16, 2013

Always looking forward to tomorrow!!!

As most of you know...I stay very busy.  I'm always doing something.  It fuels my life and I love it!!!  This taking it easy all the while feeling like crap all the time is torture!!!  LOL! I didn't even have the energy to get to church tonight.  All I want to do is lay down....not even sitting up is enough.  Every day I think to myself...tomorrow will be better....just wait till tomorrow.  Well, it's always tomorrow!!!  HELLO??

I went to my Oncologist Tuesday.  Lab work was good.  I've had a lump come up in my neck / throat though.  It is very tender to the touch.  He thinks it might be my thyroid.  He suggested I go for a scan....a scan?  Don't those cost like $14K???  Hello???  Well, no scan.....instead, I got a $20 antibiotic and I have to see him before chemo on Tuesday so he can check it again.  PLEASE let it be nothing and just a reaction to the chemo.  It is not on the same side as my port but is the same side as the cancer...not good...but I am not going to worry about it right now.  Feeling like crap is enough for now :)  HA!

That's about it.  I'm getting a little work done each day and feeding the kiddos.  That's about it though...and that's enough I tell ya!

Thank you Dora and Jerry for was wonderful.  Thank you to the Hands of Faith Ministry at Avoca for the gorgeous blanket :)  And an extra special thank you to Phil and Kitty's bible study class for the gift :)  I plan to put it to good use.  Thank you to everyone else for the prayers, the cards and the love.  I appreciate all of you and your thoughts of me!

Here's a cute picture of Lilly enjoying Pinterest while I'm working.......

October 14, 2013

I survived (barely) another one :)

OK....I must be perfectly candid...cancer sux!!!!  This is NOT easy and I DO NOT like it :)  I started slowing down on Friday.  I slept most of Saturday away...moving between the couch and the bed.  The bed won in the end :)  Sunday was a total loss.....YUK!!!!  I couldn't move.  BUT....there were some good football games to enjoy!!!!!!  The later it got - the more I cried.  I can't do this 6 more times!!!  2, yes...6, no way.  I can't even think about it.  I need to get back to my mantra....."ONE DAY AT A TIME."  That is the only way this can be done.  Please keep your prayers comin'........I need them :)  XXOO

Thank heaven for Mondays though!  I was slow coming back, but I'm almost there :)  Back to oncologist tomorrow and lab work.  Nothing else this week but work and taking it easy.  The girls are on fall break and most all of their friends are out of town.....we were supposed to be as well.....oh well.  Next time :)  Katy has a friend staying for a few days and we are dog sitting my little buddy Lilly (aka Fluffy).  She's such a doll.  She loves me :)  She hasn't quite made her mind up about Doug yet.  LOL!

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."  ~~Ralph Waldo Emerson~~
"There isn't a person anywhere who isn't capable of doing more than he thinks he can."  ~~ Henry Ford ~~
Thank you Tracy for the soup :)  It was most delicious!!!!  Thank you too for all the cards you are all sending.  They lift my spirits always :)  I appreciate all of you beyond measure!

October 10, 2013

Hair today...gone tomorrow...

Here you with less hair (probably) than the day I was born:

I liken it to be like Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree.  If you touch it, the needles fall off :)  If you touch my hair, it falls out too :)  It's CRAZY!!!!!  So, if you see me....don't touch my hair!  HA!!!!  I know it's just will grow back.  But I can definitely say, beyond the shadow of a doubt, I do not like short hair...I do not like it, I do not care for it!  But I will IS better than NO hair!  LOL!!!  

OK - there you go.  Now you know.  XXOO

I sit astride life like a bad rider on a horse.
I only owe it to the horse's good nature
that I am not thrown off at this very moment.
~Ludwig Wittgensrein~
(the horse's good nature serves me as God's grace :)

My grace is sufficient for you,
For my power is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

God has said, "Never will I leave you."
So we say with confidence, "The Lord is
my helper; I will not be afraid."
Hebrews 13: 5-6

I still have my moments of fear...fear of what's to come....but they are fleeting.  It is only by the Grace of God and the determination he instills within me to be accepting of the unknown and face it head-on.  

A SUPER SPECIAL THANK YOU before I go to Sydney Starnes for dinner from MOTO last night!  It was delicious and my girls were VERY happy :)  Thank You sweet friend!  I appreciate you so much!!

 Love you all!!!!!  Hugs..............

October 9, 2013


Remember Montgomery Gentry?  An awesome county duo that just disappeared.  Here is one of their songs:

Well, they could have added a verse.....Gone like Holly's hair :)  I cut it all off today.  WOW!  It feels amazing but I look so weird!  HA!!!  Luckily for me, my hair grows fast.  It's still falling out but at least the pieces are small now :)  I'll gain the courage to share a pic with all of you soon.

In Bible study tonight we learned of God's grace.....we should all be more gracious.  Let's all work on that...myself included :)

It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.
2 Samuel 22:33

I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.
Psalm 4:8

~~Barbara Johnson~~
We cannot protect ourselves from trouble, but we can dance through the puddles of life with a 
rainbow smile, twirling the only umbrella we need - the umbrella of God's love.
His covering of grace is sufficient for any problem we may have.

I know these are true......I am living all of them :)  I am so blessed.  I pray for blessing for all of you too.  This life is too short not to be happy....not to be content...not to be thankful....not to love and be loved.  I love my life and wouldn't trade it for anything.  Thank you all for loving me and caring for me.  LIFE is good....GOD is good :)

Before I go I have a couple pics to share.  Katy went to her school's football game last night.  My dear friends Kacy and Ryan have a son Isiah that plays.  He wore those things under each ones :)....with an "H" and one and a "W" on the other...just for me.  How lucky can a girl be???  Here is Isiah and Katy :)  It truly made my day.....ok, it made my week :)  


October 8, 2013

Back in treatment today :)

My counts were better today...not quite where they should have been but close enough to get treatment!  YEAH!!!!!  It went well.  I was done by 1:30.  I worked while I was there and just listened to the TV with headphones and got a few things done.  The premeds they give me make me sleepy so I came right home and took a nap!  It was a good day and I feel good.  I asked my nurse....the fabulous Louise.....a few questions today.  (She wasn't there Friday for me to ask when they sent me home.)  The only thing I can do to keep my counts up between treatments is to take it easy.  Now, my Aunt Jan JUST got done telling me yesterday to take it easy no matter how good I feel and I believe her...and I plan to!!!!  *WINK*WINK* Aunt Jan :)  Louise said I MUST sit/lay on the couch and watch TV.  UGH!  Most of you know this is the hardest part of dealing with all of this for me.  :)  But I promise to do body must heal and I must allow it to do that is now MY plan :)

The weekend here was wonderful.  I absolutely LOVE this time of the year and the cool air.  I have 2 awesome pics to share but have to get them from my girlfriend first.....stay tuned.  They are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!  Can't wait to share.

HUGE thank you's to super sweet Jennifer, crazy Dee Dee and sassy Anissa for dinners these last few days.  I love you guys and appreciate you more than these simple words could EVER convey.  Thanks to all of my wonderful, steadfast friends and family who hold me up and help me through.  I am blessed and you are appreciated!  I pray for each of you that God will bless you beyond measure just as he blesses me.

Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you
want is someone who will take the bus with you when
the limo breaks down.   ~Oprah Winfrey~

Three of Job's friends heard of all the trouble that had fallen on him  Each traveled
from his own country..and went together to Job to keep him company and comfort
him...Seven days and nights they sat without saying a word.  They could see how
rotten he felt, how deeply he was suffering.
Job 2: 11, 13
How blessed we all are to have such friends :)

We've got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant.  You can't just
accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it's going to get on by
itself.  You've got to keep watering it.  You've got to really look after it
and nurture it.   ~John Lenon~

I remain faithful and patient and blessed beyond measure.  Hugs.......Have a wonderful week!
P.S.  The hair is on it's way out so be prepared next time you see me........I'm gonna rock it for all it's worth!!!!!!!!

October 4, 2013

What a week!!!!!!

Sorry I've been away this week...things have been so crazy.  With my dryer broken, I was at the laundromat most every night drying something.  Donnie - my hero - came to the rescue last night and fixed it so.....I don't have to do that for a while.  Don't get me wrong though.  I totally don't mind going there.  I fell in love with Doug at the laundromat ya know :)  I just knew he was the one after all those trips and hours spent there together.  LOL!!!

So I went in this morning for my 2nd chemo treatment.  Before you get treatment, you have lab work done.  Well, while waiting on the results of the lab work, I got a little work done.  Then the nurse came and told me that my white blood cell count was low.....around a one when a 4 is normal or good. oncologist wants me back on Tuesday.  They will draw more blood then and if my counts are up, I'll get my chemo then.  Fingers crossed :)

While I am waiting for Tuesday.....I am to avoid crowds and do my best to pretty much avoid everything!  LOL!  No shopping, no going up to the school, if I do go to the grocery...clean the cart before and after I touch it.......if you know me, you know I despise grocery shopping anyway so......YEAH!!!!!  Doug will have to go :) This cancer diagnosis really isn't all bad :)  HA!!!!!!

Katy lost her volleyball game Monday night...SAD :(  I'll miss seeing her play for a while but there is still winter play with KVC and Emily will be playing soon enough as well at a local league here.  Our annual basket auction is coming up on December 7th at school.  I always work hard at helping get this event done for the school/teachers.  It's a lot of fun and provides much needed money to our teachers.  If you are local....plan to attend :)

Have a wonderful weekend.  I plan to stay home and lay low.  Maybe I'll even get some cards made....fingers crossed here too :)

Before I go...............a special thank you to the Weems family for the taste sensation, or as Emily called it, "heaven in my mouth".  Myria made us dinner last weekend and it was fabulous!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!  Thanks too to my mother-in-law.....she fed us all on Sunday after church and WOW, it was delicious.  Thanks for taking such good care of us.  We appreciate all of you so much!  Love you all!

We must not become tired of doing good.
We will receive our harvest of eternal life at the 
right time if we do not give up.
Galatians 6:9

Those people who keep their faith until the end will be saved.
Matthew 10:22

Have a fantastic weekend!  Remain faithful and thankful :)  I am!!!!!!  Hugs....................

September 29, 2013

What I love about Sundays.....

FOOTBALL!!!!!!  GO FALCONS!!!!  And a big "Come on man" to my Steelers!!!!

I love Fall...the cool breeze and is undoubtedly my favorite...hands down.  Today was perfect.  I made it to church...feeling great...just a little winded.  NO COMPLAINTS!!!!  ELVIS himself made an appearance...he "left the building" too quickly however and I was unable to get a picture with him!!!  Maybe I can reach out to someone and meet him again soon :)  **WINK**WINK**  When he came out, Emily sat there with her mouth wide open and her hands over her mouth.  It was awesome!  Thank you Elvis...thank you very much!

Our schools' varsity volleyball team made it through round 2 at the tournament Saturday.  That 2nd round was tough - I thought they were going to pull it out but it wasn't to be.  JV (Katy's team) plays round 1 tomorrow night at 7:00.  If they win, they finish up Tuesday with the final rounds.  We'll be there cheering them on.  I think they can win it all!!!!!  GO RAPTORS!!!!!!

No appointments this week...can you believe it????  Well, I do have chemo Friday :)  Nothing other than that though.  Doug and I will get the girls to school that Friday and then head on over.  Fun Fun :)  I can do this!!!  I AM doing this!!!!

Some VERY important 'Thank you's' Lynda Newman of Balloon-A-Tics and her daughter April...THANK YOU for the basket.  It was lovely and the fruit is amazing :)  I appreciate you both and am proud to be walking this walk and fighting this fight right by your side!!!!  (Although I wish you were a part of it under different circumstances!!!!)  Thank you to Laura and Michelle for thinking of me and your notes.  I love you both dearly!!!!  BECKY....thank you for everything!  You are a friend that goes above and beyond the impossible to be the perfect friend.  I love you and appreciate you more than words can EVER convey!

I owe a million other thanks as well.....especially for each and every prayer you are all praying on my behalf.  They are all appreciated and I feel their awesome power.  Please keep it up.  All of this will be behind me in no time and we can all thank the Lord for his amazing grace :)  I hope you all have an awesome week.  I'll be back to update Katy's tournament outcome.


September 26, 2013

Back to the "Land of the Living"...

WOW!!!!  Yesterday...what a nightmare :)  I'm back though and feeling MUCH better.  Thank you for the prayers.  YIKES....I needed them in a bad way!

I do NOT like not getting things done!  I'm a mover and a shaker and I love being busy!  BUT....I know my limitations too and plan to take it easy when I need to....I just don't like it :)  Laura told me to keep a journal - that I can expect things to be similar from week to week.  The notes can help me recall what to expect and when.  NOTE TAKEN :)  Day 5 STINKS!!!!!

Anyway - lots of fruit and veges in the kitchen now and patience abounds.  Katy has her last regular season VBall game today (boo hoo) and tournament is Monday.  Sad it goes by so fast!!!  I so love watching her play!  Emily thinks she aced a test Wednesday...that's ALWAYS good news!!!!  God is good :)  I so love my family and I love all of you as well.  Thanks for all you do!!!

Success lies in this :
Do your best.  Then expect God's best.
All these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you,
because you obey the voice of the Lord your God.
Deuteronomy 28:2

In my vocabulary there is no such word as "can't," because I recognize that
my abilities are given to me by God to do what needs to be done.
I can do everything God asks me to with the help of Christ who gives me the strength and power.
Philippians 4:13
A very special verse for my very special friend April......XXOO
I want to make us t-shirts that say "T C B" 
'cause we're takin' care of business :)

Both of these "success" references comes from a book I've had for years... God's Little Devotional Book - Success.  It's awesome :)

September 25, 2013

YIKES !!!!!

OK - last night totally kicked my butt!  I got so sick and so hot.....freaked out (just a little) and have not been myself all day!  I got very little done but did manage to get the kiddos to school......little victories are just as good :)

I did manage to get a load of laundry done; however, now our dryer isn't working......I have one load clean and dry and one load clean :)

I need a break :)  Hopefully, my day 5 will be my toughest.  If that's the worst then I think I am prepared.  If it's not.....I'm not so sure!!  LOL!

Anyway - I'm hanging in there.  I'll keep you posted.  A VERY special thank you to the Borton family....Lynn, Sarah, Phillip and Shannon.  Thank you so much for the card!!!  XXOO


September 22, 2013

Weekends go by way too fast!!!

I have survived these 2 days post chemo cycle number 1 :)  Thank you for your messages and prayers.  They continue to move me forward, help me retain my faith and trust and SMILE along the way :)  I feel o.k.  Still very tired.  Stomach is not right but not bad.  Things are starting to taste funny.  I am not hungry but I am making myself eat.  Everything is o.k. and I continue to take this one day at a time.  Maybe this is the worse it will get!!  We made it to church this morning.  That always feels good.  I was able to work a little while and get some things caught up and started for the new week too!!!  Ahhhh, time to relax and get back to football.  Sad I can't see the Falcons play today!!  Oh well.......

Hugs to all..........volleyball Monday and Thursday.  Thursday is the last regular season game.....season is so short!  Katy is on the yearbook staff and is looking forward to all of that next.  She is also on Student Council so she stays VERY busy.  Emily is working hard on her TN Project....although at this moment she is skyping her friend Emily!!!  She needs to get back to work!!!!  :)

Back to Doctor Friday for weekly labs.  Other than that...looks like a light and easy week....looking forward to THAT for sure!


You need endurance, so that when you have done the will
of God, you may receive what was promised.
Hebrews 10:36

Let us not get tired of doing what is right, for after a while
we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't get
discouraged and give up.
Galatians 6:9

September 20, 2013

Well, that was easy :)

Okie Dokie......I would venture a guess that those of you regularly reading this blog know me pretty well and therefore, you know that sitting in a chair from 9:00 until 2:00 is NOT my cup of tea.  OK, well....maybe it is because I sit at my computer all day working.....BUT......I was sitting and NOT doing anything today!  That was the difference!  I did take my laptop and did work for a while.  I checked my e-mail and got a report done.  But it wasn't the same.  

I feel different actually.  Tired as always though.  As I understand it, the crappy feeling will come in a few days.  I'll keep you posted though.  Maybe it WON'T come at all :)  I'm tough though so I say, BRING IT!  LOL!  Totally kidding about "bringing it".

Thank you for all the kind words today and the scriptures.  The strength and reminder they provide feeds my faith, courage and attitude.  You all mean the world to me and I thank you!!!!  XXOO

~ Brother Lawrence ~
I drove away from my mind everything capable of spoiling the sense
of the presence of God....I just make it my business to persevere in His
holy presence....My soul has had a habitual, silent,
secret conversation with God.

~ David Brainerd ~
In the silence I make in the midst of the turmoil of life, I have
appointments with God.  From the silences, I come forth with spirit refreshed, 
and with a renewed sense of power.  I hear a voice in the
silences, and become increasingly aware that it is the voice of God.

I am sharing a pic of prepared....I look awful but I have no shame :)  You might can see my port and where the chemo is administered.  And just if you are curious...I DID carry by new bag :)  But I also covered my hair :)  Have a great weekend!!!!

Here is a pic of all of us on mother's day.....we make a beautiful family don't-cha think?  :)

September 19, 2013

Chemo - eve......

It was the night before Chemo and all through the house.....

OK - that's all I can come up with!  LOL!  So I got all my meds filled today.  Good grief!  NEVER in my wildest dreams did I think I would EVER have to take so much medicine.  I hate medicine.  Give me a shot!!!!  Swallowing pills is NOT for me.  YUK!!!!

On a much brighter note....look at the gorgeous flowers I got today:

A VERY big thank you to Uncle Jim and Aunt Linda, Megan and Matt and your families :)  They are just beautiful and what a wonderful way to start my day tomorrow - getting to look at and smell these!  Thank you!!!!

So I hope you all have a wonderful Friday.  I plan to!  If I only had time to paint my nails :)  Oh well.  Next time.  Love and hugs to you all.  I'll be back over the weekend to let you know how I feel.  

Just a couple thoughts:
For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
2 Timothy 1:7

Faith, which is trust, and fear are opposite poles.  If a man has the one, he can scarcely have the other in vigorous operation.  ~ Alexander MacLaren

When a man has quietly made up his mind that there is nothing he cannot endure, his fear leaves him.
   ~ Grove Patterson

I have no fears about tomorrow.  I know I'm going to rock this thing!!!!!!  XXOO

September 17, 2013


...all you ever wanted to know......and more of what you didn't want to know :)

Let me begin my post by shouting from the rooftops..."I am in NO way complaining".  I consider myself the luckiest cancer patient EVER :)  I'm just letting you know what I now know.

Chemo begins at 8:00 Friday morning.  They will begin by giving me some anti-nausea meds.  I will sit for about 30 minutes to an hour to let it kick in.  Then I start with the chemo.  I am getting ABVD.  Each letter = one drug.  I get one at a after the other.  First comes "A" = Adriamycin.  Then "B" = Bleomycin, then "V" = Vinblastine and lastly "D" = Dacarbazine.  It all sounds so official right?  And to think I thought I would be a nurse when I grew up...HA!  I'm so much better at crunching numbers!!!

Are you ready for this?  Here are all of the "possible" and some "probable" side effects:
Pain along the site where the medication was given
Nausea or vomiting...definte but controlled with medication
Low blood counts....definite
Mouth sores
Hair loss
Eyes watering
Urine may appear red, orange or pink......the chemo meds are least the "A" is
Darkening of the nail beds
Problems with fertility.....although I'm pretty sure my family is complete :)
A serious but uncommon side effect of "A" can be interference with the pumping action of the heart
There is a slight risk of developing a blood cancer such as leukemia years after taking "A"
Fast or irregular heart beats
Unusual bleeding or bruising
Extreme fatigue
Swelling of the feet or ankles
NOW.....these are JUST associated with "A" :)  Doesn't this sound like FUN??  LOL!!!  NOT!!!!!

Under "Self Care Tips" it includes, "Avoid contact sports or activities that could cause injury."  Sooooo, I will not be cooking, cleaning, or doing any activity that "might" injure me!  I told you I was lucky!!!  LOL!!!

I won't carry on about the side effects of the other 3 drugs......they include these and many others though.

  I was shown the "chemo" room today too.  WOW at all the people there.  It's so sad.  Everyone with a different story.  I feel guilty walking around there with a head full of hair and feeling good...I haven't felt bad at any time...just very tired.  Lots of these people are not like me and it's heartbreaking.  I'm totally having second thoughts about carrying my new chemo bag too!  Oh well, I'll just throw caution to the wind and carry it :)  When I'm done maybe I'll even "pass" it on to someone else that could march in there and feel powerful...and fashionable :)  Thoughts?

Amy, my chemo teacher, told me today that they will serve me a light lunch.  There are all kinds of snacks there and drinks too.  I am allowed to help myself to any of it.  It all sounded so lovely...I asked if they had waitresses too.  She laughed and told me that in fact they do - sort of.  They have volunteers there in red shirts or aprons on that will assist you :)  I was totally kidding, but was still curious.  When I am well, I'm marching right down there and volunteering too!  What a way to pay it forward!!!

I've kept you way too long already.......but let me just real quick share the best of all news today.  Amy said I might not lose my chemo regimen is short and the "A" is lighter than most due to type and stage of cancer.  I will see thinning but should not lose it all :)  YEAH!!!  After round 2, my oncologist wants me to go for another PET scan.  Depending on those results and much consideration....I might go right on with radiation and NO MORE CHEMO :)  I told you I was NOT complaining today!!!!!!!

A VERY special thank you to my Lymphoma sister, Laura.  I got my box today and LOVE LOVE the hats.  I will be wearing them and carrying my new chemo bag all while kicking cancer's butt!!!!  LOVE YOU!!!! XXOO

September 13, 2013

It's Friday!!!!!!!

Remember that song....."I don't want to work - I just want to bang on the drum all day..." blah blah blah.  Before I moved here, the Atlanta radio station 96 Rock played that every Friday at 5:00.  I hated that song!  LOL!  But I do LOVE Friday's :)

I forgot to tell you that the type of Hodgkin's I have is called Nodular Sclerosis.  It is the most common type of Hodgkin's and Wikipedia says that it affects male and female equally and has a median age of onset of 28.  Yee Haw!!!!  My body thinks I'm 28 - approximately!  LOL!!!!  Even though I am inside is acting like I'm 28 (almost).  YEAH ME!!!!!!

Anyway - not too much to do this weekend...stay caught up on work so I don't fall behind and take the girls to a birthday party tomorrow night.....bowling...YEAH!!!  We all have so much fun bowling :)

I made an executive decision last night too.  I have decided NOT to cut my hair.  I am going to wait and see what happens.  Chemo-schemo.........I'll just hang tight.  I'll cut it when I need to or maybe I'll just walk around looking like I have really bad hair :)  HA!  Can you imagine?  OK - me either...I would never do that.  But it is funny to think about.

OK - so 2 very serious notes and 2 very personal requests:
1.) Doug's Aunt Jan and Uncle Dick..along with Cousin Diane and her husband Tim and 2 daughters - Ashley and Kelsi - live in Ft. Collins, CO where all of the flooding is going on.  Along with all of the others affected out West, please include them in your prayers.  We are hoping they are safe and free from flood damage.
2) A VERY near and dear friend JUST found out she too has cancer.  Please pray for her and her family!!!!  I will be praying non-stop and standing by her side the entire journey...please pray that I will have the stamina and the ability to do all I can for her.  I refuse to let her mind wonder or be scared for one brief moment.  (I love you friend :)

"If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong."  ~~Masaru Emoto~~

But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.  
2 Corinthians 12:9-10

Be strong.....I love you all.......thank you for your continued love, support, generosity and sweet words.  You are all a blessing to me!  Have a wonderful weekend.  


September 11, 2013

Radiation Oncologist

He's a Harvard graduate :)  That's GOT to be good right?  I say YES!!!!!!

He was very nice and he was very informative.  Did you know that - including himself - a team of like 40 doctors...including my regularly to discuss my diagnosis and my treatment and how things are with me.  How special am I?  LOL!  Just kidding....they do this for all of their patients....but I still think it's cool.  This is how the "young" ones learn as well.  Anyway, I will have a lull of about 3 weeks after chemo and then radiation will begin.  He is currently calling for 15 treatments.  This means I will go every day Mon - Fri for 3 weeks.  Appointments are short and don't take very long so I should be in and out of there in no time.  
Things continue to look awesome and it's still just one day at a time.....and a hop, skip and a jump on to complete recovery :)  GOD IS GOOD....all the time :)

Thank you all for caring for me like you do and for taking the time to stay caught up.  You are all a blessing to me....all of me.


Romans 5:2-5 Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God. More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

"I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today."
~ William White ~

September 10, 2013

Finally a plan :)

Saw my oncologist again today.  I asked lots of questions and in turn got lots of answers.  Each time I leave there I feel a little more at peace and confident!  

I will for sure have 4 rounds of chemo......they start next Friday the 20th.  I have to be there at 8:00 and plan to be there for 6 hours.  Now, let me tell you what I learned today.  When I hear 4 rounds of chemo, I think 4 doses...4 visits....WRONG!!!!  LOL!  One dose is given over 2 visits.  Four rounds means a visit every other Friday for 4 months....yep!  4!  A little different than only 2 months!!!  Good thing Doug always goes with me.  It's funny what you hear and what others hear.  Having a second set of ears there......besides the love of my a blessing.  So, I can look forward to nausea, diarrhea, hair loss, mouth pain (and other stuff)...........sounds like a party right?  HA!!!!  

Doug and I left the Doctor and went for some lunch.  There's a little boutique next to the restaurant and as I walked by .... there in the window ... a tote bag caught my eye.  I need a new bag for chemo right?  DUH!!!!  Doesn't every girl need a "chemo" bag??  Again, DUH!   LOL!  I know I don't need to tell you that I went into the store after lunch and bought it right?  Oh, good!  I didn't think so :)

OK - back to business.......I go to the radiation oncologist tomorrow morning at 8:30.  I think at this appointment I will find out how many rounds of radiation I can anticipate.  I go on for my heart study at 12:45.  Lung study is Thursday and nothing Friday.  Yeah - a day off from having to go anywhere!

Busy Busy Busy!!!!  So, that's the plan.  Now you know what I know.  If anything changes I will let you know.  

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.   
John 14:27

Just so you know...I am in no way troubled and in no way afraid.  I am very much at peace and confident that in time this is all going to be o.k.  I have my faith and the most amazing friends and prayer warriors on my can things be any different?  Keep up the amazing work you are all doing.  My heart, mind and soul are touched and moved beyond measure at the power of all of your requests on my behalf.  I remain grateful and faithful :)

A very special thank you to the teachers and staff at Ridgeview.  Your prayers, support and kind words mean the world to me and I appreciate each and every one of you...for everything you do...but especially for taking care of my children (and the million others you tend to) every week!

So, go and be happy...don't worry about things.  Live each day to it's fullest and be faithful....SMILE :)

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.

Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is bliss, taste it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.
Mother Teresa