August 31, 2014

Let's Catch up!!!!

March 25th??  Seriously???  

I have NO idea where the time goes.  I can't believe it's been THAT long since I posted here!!!!!!  Sorry and Good Grief :)

So....hope you have all been well.  We made it through the summer without trouble.  Praise the Lord!  Girls did get bored from time to time, but hey...That's Life.  Get over it :)  HA!!!!  July was non-stop motion with camps and this and that.  It flew by in a simple "blink of an eye".

Girls went back to school on August 4th.  Volleyball started right away...practice anyway.  Games started last week.  Varsity (Katy) has won both games so far and JV (Emily) is 1-1.  They all look good and I am anticipating a great season.

My wonderful hubby has decided to close his business and go to work for someone else.  It's a HUGE move as he has been self-employed since we moved to TN in 1999.  He has been very successful, but the stress of it all never gets any easier.  It's time to make a he did :)  Just like that :)  He's gonna do great.  He is driven and disciplined.  The company he will be working for will be lucky to have him!

We've had some health scares in the family as of late.....and with friends.  This is the "bad news" section of my update........We had a scare with my dad a while back.  One health issue remains a concern while the other...praise God...turned out to be nothing :)  We continue to pray that things remain minimal and non-threatening!!!!  Then my very best GF found out her father has aggressive prostate cancer AND to top it off, while going through all of his medical testing for the "C", we found out his heart is a mess.  They can't address the "C" until they get his heart in order.  It's a very scary time and living so far away makes you feel helpless.  I have another dear friend who's father had a mass removed and got the "C" diagnosis as well just this past week.  They will be traveling to Vanderbilt for further diagnosis and status.  PLEASE.....keep these 3 men in your prayers.  

My heath remains good.  My next scan is in November.  One spot remains that doctors are keeping an eye on.  No change thus far however, so no worries as of now.  I feel good...still not my "normal", motivated, get it done way of feeling...I prefer more of, "let's watch TV and relax" as of late :)  Whatever it is....I'm just happy to be well and getting stronger each and every day.  Looking forward to making a few more things and getting them posted.  I did get some flip-flops decorated earlier in the summer.  I'll post a couple pics here.

Fingers crossed....I'll try my BEST to post more often...maybe at least once a week!!!


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