August 31, 2014

Get to know me better......

If you don't already know, I work for a bank and each month, within the division of the bank I work, they choose am employee to "spotlight".  In my division, we have offices all over the US, in Canada and in the UK.  Because we are so spread out, this spotlight is a way for everyone to get to know a little bit about the people we work with.  I was chosen as the spotlight employee for August.  I was given a list of questions to answer and it was all published on the company's web-site.  I thought I would share that here as well so that you can get to know me a little better as well.


What do you do at PNC Business Credit ? 
I maintain production and compliance reporting for the Field Exam Group.  My reporting is compiled monthly and quarterly for purposes within our group and for Senior Management and the OCC.  I also maintain some reporting for Underwriting.

How long have you been with the bank? 
I became a PNC employee as a result of the National Bank of Canada acquisition.  In November of this year I will celebrate my 15 year anniversary.

What do you enjoy the most about working at Business Credit?
Well, honestly, that I get to work from home.  I've been working from home since November 1999.   I have been in this line of business since the late 80's when I went to work for Congress Financial and I absolutely love it.  With the growth of technology and my work ethic - along with the willingness of BC management - I am afforded the opportunity and the fortune of loving what I do AND where I get to do it.

What do you think is the PNC Business Credit culture? 
I think having worked remote for all of these years leaves me at a disadvantage with regards to knowing our of very few downfalls of working remote.

If you can switch places for one day only with someone at PNC, who and why? 
I'm not sure specifically who since I don't know that many people but I would have to say it would be with someone in Underwriting.  I spent many years on the Operations side and many years in field exam.  It would be exciting to work on putting a deal together. 

What was your first job? 
My first job was as a shipping and receiving clerk at Hewlett Packard in Atlanta.  It was an awesome job that I started before my senior year of high school.  I went to school for half a day and went to work the other half.  I met so many amazing people...I'll never forget them.

If you could have any job in the world, what job would that be and why? 
Judge Judy!  Seriously though, I wish I had gone to law school.  I would love to be a prosecutor in a big city...fighting for justice and righting wrongs one case at a time.

What is your favorite vacation spot and/or would like to go to one day? 
NYC!!!!  It is by far my most favorite place.  If I were loaded, I'd go there every Spring and Fall and shop till I drop!  But....we recently spent our vacation out west and I absolutely fell in love with Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  I could see myself living there long as I could visit NYC on occasion of course.

If given the opportunity to make one change in the “world”, what would that be? 
I would rid the world of hate.  I think hate leads to so many problems...if we could all just accept each other regardless of our differences we might find peace in even the most violent of nations. 

If you had to describe yourself in about 2 sentences……   
I am blessed beyond measure and strive each day to live a life that is deserving of all that I have.  I am alive, I am blessed and I am grateful.

Most proud professional or personal moment.
Definitely graduating from college.  I worked full time while attending school...going when I could afford it.  It took a while (12 years - can you imagine??) but I made it!!!!!

What makes you unique? 
Well, I think I am the only employee within the entire PNC footprint that lives/works in the state of Tennessee.  If there are others, I am unaware of them.

If you had the opportunity, who would you thank? 
Peter Thompson and Michael Wagner....They both came to Charlotte to conduct interviews with National Bank of Canada employees in consideration of employment with PNC.  At that time, my job was very specific, I was working from home and I just had a baby!  I was a wreck and worried I was going to need to find a new job...soon.  However, they were interested enough in what I was doing at the time to allow me the opportunity to perform that same duty for PNC.  My prayers had been answered :)  I am beyond appreciative to both of them and the opportunity they presented to me.  While my duties have evolved immensely over the years, I absolutely love my job and look forward to getting things done every day.  Thank you both!!

If you had an autobiography, what would be the name of the book? 
Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful...
I love this life I am living.  Along this journey of my life I have found that I have everything I need and...strive each day to be less like Martha and more like Mary. 

Your all time favorite movie or TV show. 
Seinfeld, hands down......a show about nothing :)  So entertaining and the best 30 minutes of mindlessness, if you're a person who thinks too much.  I love funny!

If you could live in a country for a year other than the USA, where and why? 
My father's family came to the U.S. from Ireland.  I would love to spend some time there and see where my family comes from.  I've seen pictures of the town with our name and know that there is a castle there with our family name as well.  Once I saw the castle, I asked if we descended from royalty and unfortunately, the answer was no and quickly followed by, "We descended from a family of thieves."  YIKES!!!!  Sometimes it doesn't pay to be inquisitive :)

Giving back to the community or rewarding volunteer activity. 
For the past 5 years I have served in some capacity at my daughter's school as the PTA Treasurer / President.  It was a wonderful, busy, challenging time and I enjoyed it very  much.  All of the success of our efforts was very rewarding.  I coached cheerleading for 3 years in our community and am active in my church.  I am now about to begin volunteering at the Cancer Center where I received my treatment and I love to crochet scarves for patients there.

People might not know...... 
I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in August of last year.  With wonderful (and aggressive) doctors that took great care of me, a little surgery, chemotherapy and radiation (throw in lots of prayer and faith too) - I am currently cancer free!!  I began losing my hair after my 2nd treatment and went ahead and bit the bullet...I had my head shaved...Yep!  Right there at the salon in front of the whole world (as it seemed to me that day).  The lady doing the shaving kept asking if I was ok.  I assured her I was fine and that it was only hair - and let me tell you, I had a lot of hair!  I had decided I would try a wig...why not right?...I went with RED hair!!!!  It was fun wearing it although I didn't wear it very often.  It really wasn't me and I felt silly really.  My kids hated it!  I must say now, I'm so happy to have my hair growing back.  It's short - and gray - but it's coming back.

 I love to craft.  Card-making is my most favorite hobby.  Prior to being diagnosed, I started a blog ( to share my crafts.  My blog eventually became a way for me to keep friends and family updated and informed about what was happening with me after the diagnosis and while I was in treatment.  I still post my creations there from time to time.  I wish I had more time to devote to it - crafting and the blog.  It's fun to create something that I can share with others.
Fun Facts 
I have 2 daughters - Katy (13) and Emily (11) - they both play volleyball and my husband and I love to get out there and play with them.  We love to visit family, ride bikes and hike (although I prefer to "stroll" through a meadow).  We live in Northeast Tennessee - in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains - where there are tons of amazing outdoor activities.  We are all big football fans as well and LOVE watching the Falcons play (I have other favorites too including the Steelers (my parents are from Greensburg, PA), and the Mannings..HA!).  Any time we spend together as a family is the BEST time!

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  1. I think I knew most of that... :-) Miss you! I finally figured out how to check in to the blog...strange..glad to see you posting again...I will try to check the posts more often. Take care, Love ya, Lil