February 5, 2014

Hump Day!!!!

The Bible Study group Doug and I go to are doing a series from North Point Community Church.  It is lead by Andy Stanley and is entitled "Follow".  It's an awesome series.  If you'd like to listen in.....his messages are beyond enjoyable....here is a link....you can copy and paste in your browser:


Our girls basketball team won their game last night...boys play tonight.  WOW!!!  They are doing a fabulous job!

Not too much else going on....it's been a little warmer as of late and lots of rain.  I'll take it though.  Just glad we are not seeing the kind of snow that those north of us are dealing with.  What a nightmare!  I hope you are all staying warm and safe.  I'm a fan of the cold.....Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons......but I like them cold and DRY.....not cold and wet!!!!!

Here is a little sketch I did with chalk pastels on watercolor paper.....definitely plan to do some more of this.  Lots of fun and mistakes are welcome.....it's called art!  LOL!

Here are some pics of our snow a couple years ago......

It's beautiful but I don't like it!  HAPPY HUMP DAY!  Today is my brother's birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!  Oh, and I forgot to mention...I get my port out on the 17th :)  YEAH!!!!!

Love and Hugs......................XXOO

A faithful friend is the medicine of life.
Ecclesiasticus 6. 16

Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.  
Henry James

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