February 2, 2014

A special update...just for Rodger :)

Much love to Rodger and Dana......I miss you guys terribly!!!!  Here is an in-depth update just for you!

I went to my oncologist last week and here is the plan:  Every 6 months for the next 2 years I am to get a CT scan and after, visit my doctor.  My first cycle starts in May.  No more PET scans for now.  I'll get CT scans and once they are reviewed/read, I will follow up with a visit to the Doctor for labs and a check-up.  They want to keep a close eye on my thyroid.  Due to the area of radiation, they are concerned about the lasting effects on it.  There are things I have to look out for but so far so good :)
After the first 2 years, my Doctor thinks that a visit once a year is enough :)  I'm so hoping this is ALL behind me.  My prayer is to be healthy and remain optimistic and hopeful about my future!!!!
I go to my Radiation Oncologist tomorrow morning.  This is my first follow-up after finishing radiation.
So.....now you know what I know :)  All is well so far...I can't thank all of you enough for your support...not just for me but for Doug and the girls too....during this time.  We are all appreciative of your time, your kindness and your thoughtfulness!!!!  Please keep us in your prayers from time to time. I guess this is something to live with....but I can...with His grace, my faith and your support :)

Our weather has been CRAZY here.  Kids went to school last Monday and were out the rest of the week.  Basketball tournaments were going on....our varsity girls and boys are both going to state!!  GO RAPTORS!!!!!  We very much enjoyed seeing several games this week.  Katy had volleyball practice...the girls look awesome.  Looking forward to travel next year and some "real" playing time!  And Emily, well Emily keeps my laughing and loving.  She is a funny, beautiful, loving child.  She helps me keep things in perspective for sure :)  I am blessed beyond measure with these 2 girls!!!!  

I've had some time to make some things.  I started out by making journals for the girls in my Bible Study class.  I've seen ways to make Art Journals with these....one day I'm going to make me one!

They each have ribbon closures and the inside and back covers are decorated as well.  I was really happy how they turned out!  I've made a few cards as well:

Tried some watercolor here

I crocheted the heart on this one...

I used my copics on glitter...

Used gelatos for this background
O.K.  I've kept you long enough today.  Hope you are all watching the superbowl later.  I AM!!!!  But you knew that already right?  Of course you did!!!!  GO DENVER.....but Go Russell Wilson too.  I really like him!

Love and Hugs.......