January 23, 2014


I just DO NOT know where the time goes!  I last posted on Christmas Eve?  Geez-O-Pete!!!!

Well, things have been great!  I feel good, my hair is growing, I've been crafting...LIFE IS GOOD!!!!  I hope things are great for you as well.  Girls are back in school....sometimes.  This weather has been so crazy they go one day and not the next...then they go but start late.  Crazy!!!  Doug is back to work after taking some well deserved time off.  I'm working and close to closing another year.  I'm actually on schedule and NOT behind :)

I have lots of pics to share.  I am NOT Martha Stewart but I so love making things.  Until I have everything loaded, I'll just start by finally sharing some of the wrapping I did for Christmas.

Hopefully....fingers crossed...I'll catch up with some other stuff for you this weekend :)

Doctor appointments next week...hoping to get this port out ASAP!!!!!

Love and Hugs.......

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