November 1, 2013

Laughter is truly the BEST medicine!!

So, as usual, I have felt really crappy and just yesterday....for sure today...actually feel like myself.  I made it to church last Sunday but was very weak and couldn't even stand to sing.  I just wanted to lay down!  But it felt good to be there and I'm glad I made it.  Each day is a tad better than the day before but each day is tough.  I'm remaining patient and resolute...taking it easy and getting plenty of rest :)  Aunt Jan, you would be proud!

So, every Halloween, we invite some friends over that don't have a "neighborhood" to trick-or-treat in.  It's become a tradition of sorts around here and always tons of fun!  Well, last night was no different.  It's always a very low-key event....which is good :)....but always full of laughter, food and fun!  These kids are all so wonderful.....the group of them....I love them all dearly and am proud of the young people they are.  Having them here last night was the BEST medicine I could have right now.  Seeing them have fun warms my heart and I can't tell you what an amazing, wonderful feeling that is.....especially during this time!  A special thank you to all of you that came.  All of your families are a blessing and I love you all so very much!  XXOO

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old
he will not turn from it.  ~ Proverbs 22:6

I owe more thank you's to the the Fitzgerald's.....the beef stew was out of this world....and the cornbread was the BEST ever!!!  Ever I tell ya!!!  Cindy and Jackson......the chili......YUM!!!!!  Amazing stuff!!!  And the popsicles........perfect!  Jerry and fed us for days :)  It was all wonderful....the bread, the pie.....OH MY the pie :)  I think I am the only cancer patient at the RCC that gains weight each week :)  I'm NOT complaining!  That's a good thing!!!!!

And to my favorite Aunt Mary Ann......the flowers are adorable and the cake pops....or whatever "magic on a stick" those things are.....THANK YOU!!!!!  WOW!!!!!  Good stuff :)  

So here is a run down of what's around the corner.  Another chemo treatment Tuesday 11/5.
On 11/12 I go for another pet scan......I'll be "radioactive" again for a couple days :)
On 11/19 I am back to the Doctor for a decision on how to proceed.  If the scan shows absolutely NO sign of disease, I believe he will be sending me on for radiation and I will be done with Chemo :)  However, if there is any doubt or concern after the scan....4 more treatments as originally planned.  Please continue to pray for me.  I feel their power each and every day of this gift of life I have and know I can handle whatever the prognosis :)  

Update on my friend diagnosed with breast cancer.......her surgery was a success and she is cancer free!!!!  God is good...ALL the time and I am so thankful that she is in the clear and on the road to recovery.  She still has a long road ahead but at least her road is free of the "C" word :)  Thank you for your prayers for her.  I know she too is grateful!

A new prayer sweet friend Susan informed me today that a friend of hers lost her grandson last night.  He was only 3 years old and died in a tragic accident while trick-or-treating.  Please pray for the family.....that they will be comforted and find peace during this terrible time.

Here's a little something to make you smile......

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