October 16, 2013

Always looking forward to tomorrow!!!

As most of you know...I stay very busy.  I'm always doing something.  It fuels my life and I love it!!!  This taking it easy all the while feeling like crap all the time is torture!!!  LOL! I didn't even have the energy to get to church tonight.  All I want to do is lay down....not even sitting up is enough.  Every day I think to myself...tomorrow will be better....just wait till tomorrow.  Well, it's always tomorrow!!!  HELLO??

I went to my Oncologist Tuesday.  Lab work was good.  I've had a lump come up in my neck / throat though.  It is very tender to the touch.  He thinks it might be my thyroid.  He suggested I go for a scan....a scan?  Don't those cost like $14K???  Hello???  Well, no scan.....instead, I got a $20 antibiotic and I have to see him before chemo on Tuesday so he can check it again.  PLEASE let it be nothing and just a reaction to the chemo.  It is not on the same side as my port but is the same side as the cancer...not good...but I am not going to worry about it right now.  Feeling like crap is enough for now :)  HA!

That's about it.  I'm getting a little work done each day and feeding the kiddos.  That's about it though...and that's enough I tell ya!

Thank you Dora and Jerry for dinner....it was wonderful.  Thank you to the Hands of Faith Ministry at Avoca for the gorgeous blanket :)  And an extra special thank you to Phil and Kitty's bible study class for the gift :)  I plan to put it to good use.  Thank you to everyone else for the prayers, the cards and the love.  I appreciate all of you and your thoughts of me!

Here's a cute picture of Lilly enjoying Pinterest while I'm working.......

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