September 25, 2013

YIKES !!!!!

OK - last night totally kicked my butt!  I got so sick and so hot.....freaked out (just a little) and have not been myself all day!  I got very little done but did manage to get the kiddos to school......little victories are just as good :)

I did manage to get a load of laundry done; however, now our dryer isn't working......I have one load clean and dry and one load clean :)

I need a break :)  Hopefully, my day 5 will be my toughest.  If that's the worst then I think I am prepared.  If it's not.....I'm not so sure!!  LOL!

Anyway - I'm hanging in there.  I'll keep you posted.  A VERY special thank you to the Borton family....Lynn, Sarah, Phillip and Shannon.  Thank you so much for the card!!!  XXOO


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