September 29, 2013

What I love about Sundays.....

FOOTBALL!!!!!!  GO FALCONS!!!!  And a big "Come on man" to my Steelers!!!!

I love Fall...the cool breeze and is undoubtedly my favorite...hands down.  Today was perfect.  I made it to church...feeling great...just a little winded.  NO COMPLAINTS!!!!  ELVIS himself made an appearance...he "left the building" too quickly however and I was unable to get a picture with him!!!  Maybe I can reach out to someone and meet him again soon :)  **WINK**WINK**  When he came out, Emily sat there with her mouth wide open and her hands over her mouth.  It was awesome!  Thank you Elvis...thank you very much!

Our schools' varsity volleyball team made it through round 2 at the tournament Saturday.  That 2nd round was tough - I thought they were going to pull it out but it wasn't to be.  JV (Katy's team) plays round 1 tomorrow night at 7:00.  If they win, they finish up Tuesday with the final rounds.  We'll be there cheering them on.  I think they can win it all!!!!!  GO RAPTORS!!!!!!

No appointments this week...can you believe it????  Well, I do have chemo Friday :)  Nothing other than that though.  Doug and I will get the girls to school that Friday and then head on over.  Fun Fun :)  I can do this!!!  I AM doing this!!!!

Some VERY important 'Thank you's' Lynda Newman of Balloon-A-Tics and her daughter April...THANK YOU for the basket.  It was lovely and the fruit is amazing :)  I appreciate you both and am proud to be walking this walk and fighting this fight right by your side!!!!  (Although I wish you were a part of it under different circumstances!!!!)  Thank you to Laura and Michelle for thinking of me and your notes.  I love you both dearly!!!!  BECKY....thank you for everything!  You are a friend that goes above and beyond the impossible to be the perfect friend.  I love you and appreciate you more than words can EVER convey!

I owe a million other thanks as well.....especially for each and every prayer you are all praying on my behalf.  They are all appreciated and I feel their awesome power.  Please keep it up.  All of this will be behind me in no time and we can all thank the Lord for his amazing grace :)  I hope you all have an awesome week.  I'll be back to update Katy's tournament outcome.


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