August 14, 2013


When you hear that song by Imagine Dragon...think of me....I am radioactive today :)  

I had my PET scan this morning........scan was ~ $10,000 and the injection was like $1,700....are you still there or did you faint?  LOL!!!  Thank goodness I have insurance!!!!  HOLY COW!!!!!!!  I can't imagine having to foot that bill alone.....and that's just the second one so far!!!!

Anyway - this procedure was easy as pie.  Too bad it all can't be so easy right?!?!   Oh we wait for Monday.  Not too much going on until then, so all of you enjoy your weekend.  I feel the love and the strength you are all sending and praying about :)  THANK YOU!!!!!!  I couldn't do this with a smile on my face and a positive attitude without Him and without the support of all of you.



  1. Glad it went smoothly! When do the girls start school?

    1. we started tuesday too :) are they liking it so far? i am teaching 4th grade this year and loving it

    2. Katy loves it....Em too but maybe not quite as much :).

  2. So glad it went well. Praying for the next one. Have a good week-end!