August 9, 2013

My most serious "FREAK-OUT" to date:

So, it's time to get back down to it :)  While I hope to have time to post crafty things, I also plan to use my blog as a means to communicate to friends and family to keep you posted on what is going on with I am, and anything else I need to SHOUT out :)

So, here we go with round one of information...from the beginning.

A few months ago I went to the dentist and they found a "hole" (for lack of a better dental term) and a crack on the back side of one of my front teeth.  This called for a trip to the Periodontist.  While there and as part of their regular routine, they took my blood pressure.  It was sky high!  170/128  168/130......5 times they took it and 5 times it remained this high.  My pressure has always run normal and even sometimes low.  They got my Doctor on the phone and I was told to go right to the E.R.  I said NO!  but did agree to take myself to my doctor's office.  I was immediately put on blood pressure meds.  My dental work had to be put on hold until such time as my blood pressure was regulated.

Now, the meds I was given mentioned that they might cause a dry cough.  I in fact did have a usually only ever struck me at night and even then. just once at night.  A cough drop always helped.  Some time later my blood pressure meds were changed.  I mentioned the cough and was glad to be changing.  Having said something however, my Doctor was quick to inform me that the side effect of the meds would have caused a dry cough all the time....not just at night.  OK....maybe the new meds will make it go away and we'll both not worry about it.

New meds are fine...still have cough?????  Here's where it all comes to a head:  Friday morning, August 2nd, I got up and started getting to work.  I felt a knot / big bump in my neck.  It is on my right side - above but behind my collar bone - just to the right of my throat.  Needless to say I freaked out!  I called my Dr. and he said come on over...I'll fit you in.  And he did just that!  I'm nervous, but calm  - Emily was with me.  I didn't want to be too crazy in front of her :)  He arranged for a biopsy that afternoon.

The 4 of us (me, Doug, Katy and Emily) all hopped in the car and headed to Johnson City for the biopsy.  I wouldn't let them come in.  I told them to come back in 45 minutes.  Doug, being ever so understanding, took the girls for ice cream and came back to wait for me.  After the Dr. did her thing......I had the final word...HODGKIN'S LYMPHOMA.  WHAT???  Excuse Me????  Huh0????  LOL!!!  She went and got Doug for me and all I could tell him was this is NOT good.  I couldn't stop crying.  But I had to.  My precious daughters, the 2 things in my life that mean more than ANYTHING, are sitting right out there waiting on us.  OMGoodness.  I had to pull it together!!!!  FAST!!!!!!  And I did....SCHEW!!!!

So - shocker one down........what next?

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