August 27, 2013

Good thing I invested in a new calendar :)


OK - I met with the surgeon yesterday.  Really liked him.  All of the things that can go wrong with a port however, made me a little nervous.  I will have to trust that I will be fine though!!!!

So here's what I know so that you can know too :)
Wednesday 8/28 pre-op at hospital 2:00
Friday 8/30 pelvic ultrasound to ensure those spots from the PET scan are nothing
Tuesday 9/3 back to Cancer Center at 2:00 for Dr. appt
Wednesday 9/4 check in at hospital at 7:00, surgery at 9:00 - I will come home after :)

Once this stuff is done I will go for my heart and lung study......then treatment can begin.  Still no date for that as I sit here today...but it's soon enough.

Katy started her volleyball season last night.  She played a great game....but they lost.  It was a close game and a good one too!!  I love to see them both play ball.  It's a blast!

My dear, sweet, amazing girlfriend Becky came to visit Friday.  It's been wonderful having her here!!!  The girls are very much enjoying her too.......they might be driving her crazy even!!  LOL!!

I remain faithful and optimistic.....I have no fear and no worries.  I am tackling one day at a time....with success!!!!!

Thank you for your prayers.  I am grateful for your thoughts and requests on my behalf.  You are each a gift!

When a man has quietly made up his mind that there is nothing he 
cannot endure, his fears leave him. 
~ Grove Patterson ~

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