August 9, 2013

Friday night was tough......can't stop mind is racing.....thinking this, thinking that.  OH MY!!!!  Then Saturday....the girls need back to school stuff.  There is a party from 5 to 7.  How am I going to do this.....knowing what I know and terrified or what it might mean????  I pull it together - only by the grace of God - and make it through the day.

Sunday rolls around.  Man - I know I can't make it through church without crying!  I cry at church sometimes when there is nothing to worry about!  LOL!  I know some of you feel me.  Anyway - after church we have open house at school.  There is so much work to do!!!!  I must get it / keep it together.

I survived church.......very few if any tears.  God is truly a miracle worker.....he was holding on to me the entire time...comforting me and reassuring me that I can do this!  Now, I have to be at school at 1:00 for Open House.  TOTAL SUCCESS.

Monday - Back to school luncheon for teachers.  I love these things and LOVE being able to bring smiles to so many. It went so well.  Plenty of AWESOME food, the decorations were super cute and the goodies we had as door prizes were appreciated.  Back to school tomorrow!!!!!  WOW!!!!!  Where does the time go?

TUESDAY:  girls go back to school, Doug and I go to the Cancer Center to see the Oncologist.  YIKES!!!!!  Neither of us knew what to expect.  I am now able to survive without tears however :)  I'm tough anyway :)  So this is what I find out...............the lymph node needs to come out.  They can gain vital information from it in order to further diagnose me.  I am waiting on a call from the surgery group to set up our initial consult and from there the surgery will be scheduled.  Outpatient surgery....should be easy enough.  There is one small concern however.....the lump is sitting on my carotid artery.  A vascular surgeon might need to be on hand.  Next, I need a Pet scan.  This is now scheduled for Wednesday at 9:30.  This coming Monday I am having a bone marrow biopsy.  This one scares me.  I've heard both good and terrifying things about them, but I resolve to remain strong and encouraged that I can handle it and will be strong.  I am in good hands and feel confident in their ability and feel their caring even this early in all of this.

So, that's it for now.  I will keep posting as much info as I have so all of you can know as much as I do.

I truly feel blessed beyond measure.....the most amazing, loving husband, 2 kids that are THE most awesome kids ever (besides yours of course :), exceptional friends and family that love me and believe in me and are praying for me.  THANK YOU!!!!  You each are loved beyond measure !!!!!

I will copy and paste my most recent e-mail next so everyone will be caught up and on the same page.  Please feel free to share this BLOG address with any family members or prayer groups that would like to keep up with all that is going on here.  I think this method might be easier than sending e-mails.  Check back as often as you like to catch up.  Feel free to join this page and leave comments too.  I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. Praying for you all many times a day. You'll beat this thing! By the way, happy birthday to Emily! Much love!,,