August 21, 2013


I had cake yesterday.......because I wanted some :)  LOL!  It was good too.....vanilla with butter cream icing.  YUM!!!!  Just talking about it makes me want more!!!!!!

So I'm just waiting on the call about the bone marrow.  Hoping I get the all clear signal :)  I remain positive and matter the results however.  Your prayers are working with amazing power...I know and feel this first hand.  It was already proven with the phone call about my PET scan!!  Thank you so much!  You are each a blessing to me in ways words alone cannot convey.  I hope...No, I will - pay this all forward and work diligently to be deserving of the blessing that are pouring over me.

Maybe more cake will be on the menu in the next few days?  LOL!!!  It's crazy around here this weekend....the big race is in town....and me out shopping for cake.  LOOK OUT!!!!!!!

Have a great Thursday...and a better Friday.  I'll be back soon.

a thought to ponder:
"Some people are always grumbling that roses have thorns.  I am thankful that thorns have roses."
     Alphonse Karr


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  1. Holly, I read your blog like a devotional. You remind me of all my blessings, which are way to many to count. Like your Grandma Worrell's 104th birthday today. It was almost a spiritual experience. And your joys. The same. God is so good it is overwhelming. He even gives us cake! Love you lots and lots. Keep being blessed!